Friday, April 11, 2008

Repeal The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act

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To: U.S. Congress, The Bush Administration

The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act( is an abomination. Congress and The Bush administration and the Supreme Court are sodomite puppets of the jews and the state sponsored terrorism of the terrorist state of Israel is responsible for terrorism worldwide. The jews are guilty of blaming the victims, all of humanity, for their terrorism, and want to add insult to injury and preclude any criticism and defense against their terrorist "states-of-affairs" affairs of state, the terrorist state of Israel. We The People want The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act repealed and an investigation into how it was done. Furthermore, We The People want a new law against the violations of human rights done against human beings worldwide and it is to be titled The Global Anti-Human Being Review Act.

Patrick M. Griffin

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